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How to Cook Bacon in the Oven Perfectly

Do you want to make a perfect and crispy bacon every time you want, or every time you miss the taste of crispy bacon? If yes, I will tell you exactly how and teach you the best method to cook bacon. The easiest and the best way of how to cook bacon is with an oven. It’s very easy and less time needed. Interested? Here’s how and what I always do to make the perfect, crispy bacon every day.

Bacon Sliced (Make sure it fits with the pan)

Prepare a glass baking pan, steel pan or you can use an aluminum baking sheet. Line your bacon sliced on the pan and make sure the bacon fits with the baking pan.

Prepare your oven (make sure you have this one), and you can use a toaster oven, convection oven or wall oven to cook the bacon. Put the glass baking pan into the oven, the best spot is in the middle rack. But first, your oven must still in cold, unheated state. Do not pre-heat the oven before the bacon is in.

Now, set the oven at 400°F (approximately 204°C), and set the time for 20 minutes. Actually, it can take less or more time depending on the thickness of the bacon and the also the oven. But 20 minutes is fine.

In this phase, you can do anything else or just taking a short nap.

After 20 minutes, remove the baking pan from the oven. Use a glove or something to protect your hand, place the bacon on a medium plate lined with a paper towel.

Now, you can enjoy and taste the best, perfect, crispiest, and most delicious bacon you have ever had. The best thing is, that’s all yours.

Just some tips: You don’t need or have to cover the pan, the bacon won’t mess up your oven. Trust me! It’s better to line the pan with aluminum foil for easier cleanup. Paper towel is optional, but if you are grease averse, you have to.


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